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Bridge, Development, and Construction Loans - We "Get It" and We Get It Done

We have over 20 years’ experience in real estate investing, lending, development, and construction.  We’ve underwritten hundreds of loans, reviewed thousands of projects, and what matters most to you – we’ve closed over $2 billion dollars in funding in just a few years, making us one of the highest producing offices in the business.

We understand how vexing, complicated, and time consuming finding the right bridge, development, or construction loan for your real estate investment can be, so we do everything in our power to simplify the process, and move quickly, so that you don’t lose precious time.  We know that speed wins!  In your business and in ours.  Unwanted delays can cause you to lose out on an acquisition or opportunity, or increase your costs by taking too long to get moving.  That’s why we streamlined our processes to cater specifically to the needs of real estate developers, builders, and investors.

The Construction Lender - About Us

We're Deal Junkies

First, we respond quickly.  Then we discuss your project with you, ask lots of questions, and process the information based on years of experience and thousands of project reviews.  Next we offer possible structures or creative suggestions, if necessary.  Last, we offer terms, outline the process, and propose a closing timeline.  We get off on this stuff!

We Get Results

Most of that happens on the first phone call or meeting.  For particularly complex projects it may take a bit more time, but we’re talking a day or two, not weeks or even months like other lenders.  We want to get you to a quick yes or no, so you can make the best decision for your business without wasting any time.

We Close Construction Loans - The Construction Lender

Get Answers Now!

If you’d like quick answers to some of your questions, you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.  Or, if you prefer the more direct approach, simply click here to call us now!  Also, be sure to join us on LinkedIN.

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