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Loan Types - The Construction Lender
Loan Types

Acquisition or Bridge Funding, Development Financing, and Construction Loans for Most Asset Types

Got a deal you need to close fast?  Maybe your bank loan fell out, or the seller won’t give you an extension, or it’s just a great find and the only way to win is to take it down fast?  We provide commercial acquisition funding on most asset types.  Here is some recent acquisition funding we’ve closed: entitled land acquisition, value add apartment bridge loan to stabilization, and last minute rescue on expiring purchase contract.

Need land development financing for entitlements, soft costs, horizontal development, or infrastructure?  We excel at that, and are one of very few lenders who are comfortable making these types of development loans.

Last but not least – construction loans.  This is our core business.  If you’re a builder or developer, and you need a construction loan for your project, that’s our specialty.  We provide high leverage, fast closing, creatively structured construction loans for most asset types.  In order of preference, we look for high density residential projects, such as apartments, townhomes, condos, and single-family home subdivisions first.  Next in order of preference would be industrial, warehouse, and self-storage construction projects.  Beyond that, we also fund hospitality, retail, and office construction.

Here Are the Types of Real Estate Development
and Construction Loans In Which We Specialize

We help you achieve your real estate development and construction financing goals by offering these loan types.

A&D (Acquisition and Development)

We’re one of the few companies who provide this type of financing.  Take down the real estate, and pay for soft costs or infrastructure or horizontal development to repurpose or improve the property.

Bridge Loans

Just need a quick bridge loan to hold you over to that HUD, conventional, or SBA loan?  Yeah, we can do that.  3 month term or longer.


We fund horizontal development and infrastructure loans to put in underground utilities, roads, curbs, gutters, and sewers, so you can finish lots and sell them to builders, or build on them yourself.

Construction (Vertical)

These are our favorite type of loan.  Got plans, approvals, permits?  Ready to build your project?  So are we!


Need even higher leverage? Run over budget and need additional funds to complete? Want to replace more expensive equity? Gotcha covered!

Perm (Takeout)

Project complete, stabilized, income producing?  We can help you with that long-term loan too.

We Truly Understand This Business – And We’re Committed to Meeting Your Bridge, Development, and Construction Financing Needs

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