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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you do land acquisition loans?

Yes.  Depending on the location, entitlement status, and other underwriting factors, the loan to value or LTV is usually lower than that of a construction or bridge loan.  Somewhere in the 50% range would be common.

Will you fund soft costs?

Yes.  It’s quite common for us to fund soft costs, entitlement costs, and other planning costs, such as architecture, engineering, soils or environmental testing, as well as permits, among others.

How fast can you close?

I can honestly say we’ve closed a loan in 24 hours before, but I cannot say it was a pleasant experience for anyone!  In a perfect world, 10 to 14 days is very achievable, provided we have a full underwriting file which includes an appraisal.

Are your loans non-recourse?

Yes… usually.  Some loans with particularly high risk (location, loan amount, sponsor’s financial situation, etc) may require limited or full recourse, but all of this will be disclosed when we discuss terms or offer a term sheet.

Do you work with loan brokers?

Most definitely!  About half of all the inquiries we receive come from brokers, and we’re grateful.  It’s of course appreciated if the request is well organized, and the fee being charged is “reasonable”.

What documents do you require for underwriting?

How much cash do I have to bring in?

Our loans can go up to 85% of cost, and are great at diluting the amount of equity required.

Do you do residential consumer mortgages?

We do not.  We exclusively provide commercial real estate investment loans.  This means no funding for primary residences.

How long of a loan term can I get?

Anywhere from 3 months to 36 months with extension options included.  Occasionally permanent financing is available with much longer terms.  But it isn’t our core business.

What interest rate and lender points or fees?

It’s entirely dependent upon the deal.  Because we aren’t a once-size-fits-all financing provider, the terms vary as much as the deals.  For example, a rural land acquisition will have a higher risk profile than an infill townhome development, and thus, a higher rate and fee.

What loan sizes? How small? How large?

Our minimum loan size is typically $5 million, but we will consider exceptions if the deal is right.  Our max is $150 million.

What types of projects or assets do you finance?

You can see what types of projects we fund here:  Asset Types

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